Accepted the #IceBucketChallenge

I’ve accepted the #IceBucketChallenge from Ana Maria Militaru and donated! Now it’s your turn! Samer Alami, Vlad Balan, Farukh Javed, Mohamed Khaki, Alexey Rykhva, Shantanu Wadadar…you’ve been challenged! You have 24h! Don’t forget to donate @! Haresh Daswani David Neff, Al-Noor Wissanji Aries Cheung if you guys can do this, that would be a […]

Much to be thankful for

So yes Mohamed Khaki I accept the gratitude challenge and will do 10 at once. Between you and Ana Maria Militaru on ice bucket, I think I am challenged out for 2014:):). Much to be thankful for and each day I wonder what I did to deserve it. Here goes. Story form. Sorry for long […]

Ketchican, Alaska, the Salmon Capital of the World

Trivia lovers would know that Alaska was bought for USD 7.2 million from Russia in 1867, a peaceful handover. Made me think – as much in billions is spent on defending a territory today, lives lost, no one wins. But I digress. Anyway here we are: Ketchikan Alaska, ketchup capital (oops sorry I meant Salmon) […]

The majestic Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park. Pristine, majestic, awe inspiring. United Nations biosphere reserve, world heritage site. Water and ice everywhere, even the skies were singing in the rain.

Yukon, White Pass and Skagway

Hello Skagway! Up at crack of dawn, long day ahead. Highlight was the magnificent magical memorable White Pass and Yukon Route scenic railway ride. It had all the elements of a dream ride…creeks rivers tunnels mountains waterfalls history flowers forests ups downs scary heights and a total descend of 3000 feet. I place this on […]

Stunning seaplane ride in Alaska

Five glacier seaplane ride. Awesome. Ice fields larger than Rhode Island. Nature. Beauty. Stunning. Breathtaking.

Sailing in British Columbia

Sailed off…love the water…no idea where we are now…who cares.

A stroll in Vancouver

Vancouver. Beautiful day, perfect for a stroll.

My kind of Sunday evening

8pm, sun going strong, making the ordinary look beautiful.

A biography of E. M. Foster

A biography of E. M. Forster who brought us masterpieces like “Room with a view”, “Howard’s End”, “A passage to India”, and “Maurice”, written way ahead of its time. Refreshingly honest to himself and uncompromising in what he stood for, the story chronicles a coming out story > 100 years ago, showing courage and integrity […]